Tu-95 (Tu-95A/MA), A.N.Tupolev 'Bear'

Tu-95 is in many respects an unlikely aircraft. It is an heavy bomber with a slender fuselage, swept wings, and four extremily powerful turboprop engines driving contrarotating propellers -- more than enough for the West not to take it serious at first. But more than 30 years after its first appearance, it was still in production as a marimitime patrol aircraft and cruise missile carrier.

Aviatsiya i vremia 1995
Technical information
Type Tu-95 'Bear-A'
Function bomber
Year 1955
Crew 8-9
Engines 4xNK-12


Length 46,17m
Wingspan 50,04m
Wing area 283,7m
Empty weight 83100kg
Loaded weight 172000kg
Wing load ~550kg/sq.m
Speed max 882km/h
Range 12100km
Ceiling 11900m
Guns 6xAM-23
Bombs 12000kg
Redesigned January 25, 1999
by Sergey Andreev;Alexandre Savine
and N. Kuzmenko