MiG-29, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fulcrum'

MiG-29 'Fulcrum'


Product 9-12


(62,1k) product 9-12

Air superiority fighter designed as a responce to F-15. 'Fulcrum' is an impressive monoplane, with integrated fuselage
and two engines mounted under it. The aerodynamical consept of the figher is similar to that one of Su-27. Inspite early statements of western sourses the plane has traditional control system.
Tactical specification for the new fighter was issued in 1972. Design was started in 1974 and the first 9-10 flight took
place october 6 1977 (pilot Fedotov A.V.).
Being compared with F-16 MiG-29 has a lot of advantages. Range is weak point, and later versions were modified to cary more fuel.
There exists naval version (product 9-15) also. The Russian air force prefers the larger Su-27 and its derivatives, but the development of the advanced MiG-29M version has been funded recently.
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  • Technical information
    Type MiG-29 'Fulcrum-A'
    Function fighter
    Year 1985
    Crew 1
    Engines 2*81.4kN Tumanski RD-33
    Wing Span 11.36m
    Length 17.32m
    Height 4.73m
    Empty Weight 11,000kg
    Maximum Weight 15,000kg
    Speed Mach 2.3 (2,450km/h at max altitude)
    Ceiling 17,000m
    Range 2,100km
    Armament 1*g30mm
    6 pylons for assorted missiles or guided veapons

    Prototypes/Developments/Modifications :

  • 9-10, one of the pre-production versions;
  • MiG-29UB, 2-sit trainer;

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  • MiG-33;
  • MiG-29M
  • MiG-29S
  • MiG-29K, product 9-15, naval version of MiG-29.
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